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Mercedes Nieto - Budapeste

mercedes01Mercedes Nieto is an internationally acclaimed oriental dance artist form a Hungarian-Spanish family, based in Budapest, Hungary. World famous of her delicate, elegant, yet passionate dance style, which is innovative and unique.


She is a master teacher and regular performer of the Nile Group Festivals in Cairo, Egypt; the artistic director and choreographer of the Nymph Oriental Dance Company (a well-known European professional oriental dance company); the creator and main organizer of the annual international oriental dance festival, the „CAIRO! Festival Budapest”; producer of a new oriental dance music album „Enti ya Amar” played by a famous Egyptian orchestra in Cairo; meanwhile leading her own dance school in Budapest for over 10 years.


Her excellent teaching skills and inspiring performances have brought her to more than 30 countries Worldwide, making her one of the most saught-after European oriental dance artists of our times.


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